Native Title & Economics Conference 2017

Over 100 delegates from across Australia participated in the Federation's joint conference with the National Native Title Council -  Building Bridges: Reconciliation Action Plans And Opportunities For Indigenous Enterprise. Held at Melbourne University, speakers included Professor Marcia Langton and representatives from KMPG, NAB, Lendlease, Qantas, BCA to name just a few...


Federation Responds to ABC Four Corners - Pumped: Who's Benefitting from the Billions Spent on the Murray-Darling?

The Federation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations supports the Victorian Government’s call for an independent investigation into allegations made by the ABC Four Corners report that billions of litres of water allocated for the environment is being used to irrigate cotton farms in New South Wales.

Marcus Stewart, Deputy Chair of the Federation, said: ‘If these reports are true, less water will now be available to downstream users in Victoria, which puts our environment and cultural heritage at risk.’

The Federation supports all government initiatives that enhance the integrity of the water system to ensure the best outcomes from the Basin Plan for all Victorians.

We also encourage the Acting Minister for Water not to forget about the rights and interests of Traditional Owners.

Federation Welcomes State Aboriginal Procurement Policy

The Federation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations welcomes today's announcement of the Victorian Government's establishment of an Aboriginal procurement policy.

The Chair of the Federation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations, Janine Coombs, said: 'This is something we have been working towards for a number of years and we are pleased that it is coming to fruition.

'The government's infrastructure investment has increased in Victoria in recent years, and a procurement policy that enables and supports Aboriginal business and employment will build Aboriginal economic capacity and empower Aboriginal people to participate in the state's economy'

'The success of the Commonwealth's Indigenous Procurement Policy is now the benchmark. While the Victorian goal of 1% is well below that of the Commonwealth, we welcome this as a starting point and look forward to working with the government on its implementation to optimise the outcomes